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UPDATED 21/03/20

In light of the recent developments, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the inaugural Pirongia Trail Run to November/December 2020. Our event is all about promoting active and healthy living to the community and the running of the PTR during this time would be at odds to our aim. We appreciate all the support that we've received and we look forward to seeing you all toward the end of the year!

We will be in touch with all entrants to arrange a solution to entry fees. Thank you for your understanding. Be well and look after each other out there!

If you decide to make a terrible decision and withdraw from the PTR, then the following applies:

  • Up to 25th September full refund minus $5 

  • 25th - 2nd October 50% refund given

  • 2nd - 9th October 30% refund given

  • 9th - 23rd October no refund

There will be no refund given on merchandise or community entries.

Transfers of entry to another person is allowed until the 9th of October. The following applies:

  • There will be no transfer of entry to the following year's event

  • Transfers will occur at the discretion of PTR staff, please get in contact before changing anything to do with your entry

Changes in event category is allowed up until the 23rd of October. The following applies:

  • If you are taking on a larger distance you will need to pay the difference in entry fee

  • If you are reducing your distance, there will be no partial refund given

If you need to make any changes to your entry or your situation changes please get in touch with


We are committed to running the PTR rain, hail, shine or pandemic. That being said, we want to make it as safe as possible for you. Below is a bit of information about how we will run the event at different alert levels. For the 2021 event we will be capping entries at 300 athletes.

Alert Level 1

  • Event to run as normal with social distancing and good hygiene procedures in place.

  • Athletes + attendees to sign in with QR code on NZ COVID Tracer App.

  • Capped at 200 athletes.

Alert Level 2

  • May require staggered starts for courses with over 100 athletes. 

  • Social distancing and good hygiene procedures in place.

  • Regional limitations may apply to athletes, ie Auckland athletes, to be confirmed.

  • Athletes to arrive only when they are required and to stick within their 'groups'.

  • Athletes + attendees to sign in with QR code on NZ COVID Tracer App.

  • Capped at 300 athletes, with measures in place to limit 100 people in one place at one time.

Alert Level 3

  • Event postponed or cancelled, boooo.

Closer to race day, we will confirm exactly how this looks.


We can run our event under the current conditions due to the fact that we'll be able to manage our numbers. To do this, we need your help to minimise congregation around our start/finish line.

We run a bus shuttle from Te Pahu School up to the Pirongia Forest Park Lodge. We do this to minimise carnage at the top of the maunga where parking is severely limited - we ask our competitors not to park there at all and leave it for the public. Managing and staggering our athletes is paramount to our event under the restrictions.

Our Grunter event will be split into two start group. You'll be contacted when entries close to confirm which group you are in. Please make sure you make your correct shuttles! There are two available for each race start and plenty of room available. If you're worried, turn up for the first shuttle.

Masks. Please remember your masks for the shuttle.

When you crush the PTR and cool down, we'll ask you to move on as soon as you're ready.







RACE DATE: 22 October 2022

RACE DISTANCES: Runter 3km, Punter 8km, Grunter 13.5km, Munter 36.8km

RACE START: Munter 7am, Grunter 10:15am, Punter 11:15am, Runter 12:15pm

ENTRIES OPEN: 1 May 2022

ENTRIES CLOSE: 14 October 2022

REFUND DATES: 100% 24 Sept, 50% 24 Sept - 8 Oct, 0% 8 Oct - 22 Oct

16 NOV

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