3 KM



F | Sophie Harries | 16:41 (Youth)

M | Stanley Stewart | 18:54 (Youth)

The Runter is perfect for the young ones and families out to enjoy nature. The course takes in three loops around the Mangakara Nature Walk, crossing the Mangakara stream over two bridges. Take in the sights and educate yourselves on the forest around you with the information boards provided. 

SUITABLE FOR: Kids, families and walkers out for a morning stroll.

TRACK CONDITIONS: 70% well graded track | 30% boardwalk

EXPECTED TIME: 1/2hr - 1hr



8.2 KM

580 VERT. M



M | Aidan Potter| 1:03:33

F | Lynn Johnstone | 1:10:58

Y | Monique Spedding | 1:27:51

The Punter is a great challenge for a beginner trail runner/walker. An out-and-back route, it starts with a small section of graded trail and boardwalk through the Mangakara Nature Walk. A few sets of steps later, you're on the gradual incline up the Ruapane Link track to the foot of Ruapane, here it steepens considerable for a final push to Ruapane trig - good news is once you've made it to the top, it's all downhill back to the start line.

SUITABLE FOR: Youth, beginner runner/walkers who would like a challenge but are happy to take their time

TRACK CONDITIONS: 70% well graded track |  20% technical single track | 10% boardwalk

EXPECTED TIME: 1hr - 3hr




13.5 KM

1100 VERT. M



M | Hamon McKay | 2:27:32

F | Frances Stringfellow | 3:02:37

Y | Evie Kara Senior | 4:29:19

The Grunter is a challenging loop run for the intermediate trail runner. Beginning on the Mahaukura track with some gentle undulating running, the track steepens toward Wharauroa. A short ridge sidle and a chain section on the exposed bluff (take care!) puts you on Mahaukura, the tallest peak on the loop.


From there, it's a number of false peaks and boggy sections before reaching the summit ridge and turn back down the Tirohanga track. There are a few short climbs, chains at Tirohanga and Ruapane, but the majority is fantastic technical downhill running.

SUITABLE FOR: Youth, intermediate trail runners or fast hikers who would like a good technical challenge with some decent climbing

TRACK CONDITION: 70% technical single track |  25% well graded track | 5% boardwalk

EXPECTED TIME: 2 1/2hr to 6 1/2hr 




36.4 KM

2150 VERT. M



M | Jesse Whitehead| 5:52:34

F | Tess Masters | 8:26:28

The Munter is a hard core challenge for the advanced runner. To complete this course in the allotted time, you'll need to be running the majority of the flats and downhills. The course starts the same as the Grunter, heading up the Mahaukura track before forking left and heading onto the Pirongia summit. After a undulating ridge to the hut, you'll begin to head out toward the Cone, entering the wildest part of the course - the Bell track.


Be prepared for knee deep mud in a number of bogs. Summiting the Cone, a steep technical descent gives way to more bogs, before you're treated to gentle downhill and flat running to the foot of the Tahuanui track. From here you'll encounter a steady 800m climb back to the summit ridge, before turning left and descending down the Tirohanga track to your start point. It's an epic.

SUITABLE FOR: Advanced trail runners who would like a good technical challenge, and aren't afraid of a good climb

TRACK CONDITION: 80% technical single track | 15% well graded track | 5% boardwalk

EXPECTED TIME: 7hr - 11hr 


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