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The PTR has been designed to have a course to challenge all abilities and ages. Whether you're a Munter - mountain crusher who's Type 1 fun is Type 2 fun or you're a Runter - a graded trail cruiser who's as relaxed as a sloth, the PTR caters for all and everything in between! It's all about just getting out there and being active in the outdoors! Old mate Pirongia provides a beautiful selection of graded trails, technical single track and cushy boardwalk.


Oh, and the views! Don't get us started on the views! Okay, we've started. There are more views than a Justin Beiber YouTube video. Views for days. Views of trees and other things like small trees and big trees. Get excited. We kid. Or do we? Looks like you'll have to come and find out!


16 NOV

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